Buttons, ads, big perennial menus, pictures are everyplace and they’re retardation thrown your AOL Instant Messenger. What is in attendance to do? Add-ons for AIM purely add holding to your AIM. Aliasing, tabbed IM windows, etc. But what do you do about all of those belongings that are speed hair your AIM? There may be a antidote.
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is an instantaneous bearer of news programme that lets you talking to ethnic group all nigh on the global - for unrestricted. Making a unrestricted inferior approaching this comes with quite a few sum. AIM throws ads onto the top of your friend list, useless buttons everywhere even then again there’s only 3 ways you can get to the same place, meet as easily. As each publication of AIM comes out, the more your AIM is weighed down next to ancillary belongings suchlike this.
Now, there’s a new system styled AIM ½. It gets rid of ads, those buttons on the nethermost of the buddy list, shortens all of the menus to lonesome what you involve. It gets rid of all of those buttons in IM windows (warning, games, etc), it gives you much practicable sign-on, sign-off, and away symbols on your crony record. It gives you the knack to size your crony database to ANY sized. And it does teentsy property like easier to use distant statement windows, profile windows, and more.

And of course, the with-it feature: skinning.
Skinning allows you to change the face of your AIM by belongings you take the content of your sign-on screen, sidekick schedule background, sign-on, sign-off, distant symbols, and the popup notifications. Currently, there are 5 skinning themes available: XP, Beach, Everyone Loves Raymond, and Music. You can progress your subject matter near the clink of a toggle in your friend index carte du jour or on the AIM ½ piece of land.
 To turn up the effectualness of AIM ½, I put it to a psychometric test. I downloaded the artistic aimres.dll for 5.5.3595. I timed how protracted it took for AIM to weight up after I doppelganger clicked the AIM knob. It took 10 seconds until it was full equipped for use on my COX High Speed intersection. Then I downloaded AIM ½. It took (no tease) 2 ½ seconds. A elfin difference? That little peculiarity besides personal property how extended it will transport for IM windows to mountain after you dual clink them, and everything you do on AIM and the net while your flash messenger is interested.
AIM ½ is a FREE awl to comfort give your AIM what it was intended to have. There is NO spy ware, ad ware, or 3rd do applications bundled near AIM ½. Guaranteed. Give your AIM a teensy more. Give it AIM ½. www.aimeasy.tk [http://www.aimeasy.tk]



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