Problems near Commercial Flea Killers & Traditional

Flea Bite Treatments

***Chemicals that act as poisons are knockout adequate to

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kill fleas, but the yearlong permanent status personal effects on pets are

unknown, although they are probably not locked to

use. (Employees industrial these products must

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wear evasive attire and use respirators.

Plus, the goods labels alert opposed to pelt communication.

So,if the chemicals are potentially detrimental to

humans,they are in all likelihood not the maximum healthy

product for pets. )

***Prednisone & other corticoid drugs utilized to

give alleviation from ectozoon bites help out to break itch &

inflammation. But, they also hold back a pet's

immune group and have practicable long-run side

effects: water retention, liver or endocrine gland damage,

hypertension, obesity, & suspicion bag-snatch.

Healthy Alternatives

***Strengthen your pet's immune system:

Eliminate hay allergens from the diet, and

supplement the diet next to a well-balanced

essential adipose acerbic (EFA), probiotics (bifidus

& acidophilus) & biological process protein supplements.

EFAs support to engineer your pet less delightful to

fleas, and biological process supplements transport nutrients

throughout the thing & facilitate to dissolution & remove

waste materials that may organize to diet allergies.


-Add a pull of alliaceous plant grime to nutrient.

-Add apple potable acetum to your pet's hose.

-Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon dry Nettle onto your

pet's substance (helps to downsize allergic upshot).

-Add to provisions or cipher into pet's orifice a low-

alcohol watery coloring material of Dandelion Root,

Burdock Root, or Red Clover (helps eliminate

wastes & supports status complex).

-For stern ectozoon lesion allergies (red, inflamed,

itchy covering), herbaceous plant serves as an anti-

infammatory. Also, an succulent liquid can aid to

heal & to let go itching. Directions: Add

one cup aloe food product to 4 environment river. Pour the

cool juice onto struck areas of your pet's


***Environment Treatment

Since fleas devote 80% of their case in the

pet's environment, not on the pet, use herbal

products to your pet's biological areas

(bedding, etc.). Look for products that contain

extracts and/or oils of eucalyptus, citronella,

juniper, cedar, citrus fruit oil, or Canadian fleabane.

(Citrus oil & Canadian fleabane comprise d-

Limonine which can termination fleas.)


Bathe with a good, pleasant flavorer pet shampoo

formulated to take alleviation and extract fleas and

body wastelands from the skin tone.

Only use shampoos intended for pets, not humans.

(Human shampoos are habitually too rough and may

contain allergens that turn a pet's allergic


Also, don't cleansing agent too frequently or pain &

dryness may go on.

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